Entering the park means you accept the present terms and conditions. The aerial obstacle course is a fun activity enabling the participant to move around at different heights above ground, self-guided and with a series of obstacles on and amongst trees and rocks or other elements part of nature or not. It is made up of obstacle challenges, set out over the courses, that can be recognized by colour codes.

We provide

  • Safety equipment fitted and checked by our instructors
  • Description of the activity : instructions for use of the equipment and obstacles prior to the session.
  • A training session with one of the park’s instructors.
  • Supervision, advice and help if needed during the session.

In the case of bad weather conditions (strong winds, thunderstorms / risk of lightening, floods…) and for your security, you may be asked to leave temporarily or the park may close. This will be at the discretion of the park’s management. No refund will be made if you have accomplished over an hour of the session.

Access to the park (car park, facilities and picnic area) is forbidden out of opening hours.



  • Confirm having a sufficient individual liability insurance cover
  • Abide by the rules on signposts, keep clear round the obstacle challenges and zipline landing points to avoid getting in the way of participants. It is strictly forbidden to cross the line markings on the ground.
  • Follow signs and directions marked on the ground. It is forbidden to run on the paths.
  • Respect nature (no picking flowers or leaving any objects lying around !)
  • Note it is forbidden to smoke or light fires.
  • Be careful and remain vigilant to falling objects, uneven ground and nature around you.
  • Note it is forbidden to access the equipment intended for a particular activity (ladders, obstacle challenges….) if you do not fit the conditions to do so.
  • Note that bathing is forbidden in the park.


  • Recognize the different markings and signs explained during the training session for a self-guided obstacle course.Read the sign before starting each obstacle challenge. The platforms between and the obstacle challenges are limited to a number of participants.
  • Have taken note of the displayed documents concerning safety rules and use of equipment.
  • Instructors are there throughout the session to assist you. Obey them at all times.
  • Children under 10 are required to be accompanied by an adult, or a participating person responsible for the child.
  • Children under 6 are under the entire responsibility of their parents : it is required that the latter remain present on the following courses “Loulou”, “Pitchoun” and “Babelou”.
  • The “Pitchoun” and “Babelou” courses are for children aged 4 to 8 years only who require constant adult supervision. It is strictly forbidden to use the facilities without equipment.
  • Respect all rules at each obstacle challenge particularly those given as you progress along with the specific safety rules
  • Wear suitable clothing for outdoor activities and good fitting closed-toe shoes (trainer type)Have paid the correct entrance fee
  • Have followed the training session by the instructor prior to the activity successfully: compulsory before setting off on the course.
  • Minors are required to be accompanied by an adult at the moment of enrolling. This same person must remain throughout the whole session.
  • Respect the maximum number of people per obstacle challenge and per platform.
  • It is strictly forbidden to smoke and use a mobile phone when on the obstacle challenges.
  • Be in good health with no physical or psychological ailment. Pregnant women are not permitted to participate. Any person appearing to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs which may reduce physical capacities, will not be allowed to participate.


  • Each participant is fitted and checked by our team with safety equipment that we provide prior to starting the session. Any equipment removed and /or returned must be checked by an instructor. Use of equipment other than the one we provide is not allowed. Lending equipment to others is strictly forbidden. Each equipment is intended for one person only.
  • All safety instructions are given automatically prior to each activity. Participants must act according to these instructions at all times.
  • If, once aware of the safety instructions, a person feels inapt, whether physically or morally, to carry out, alone and correctly, the necessary procedures when self-guided, the person should withdraw from the session. The same applies to any person who does not succeed the training session.
  • At all times participants must remain attached; to life lines, safety buckles or any other safety device indicated.
  • It is strictly forbidden to stop in the middle of an obstacle challenge and/or remove equipment without the help of an instructor allowing you to do so. In the event of this happening contact immediately an instructor by any means available.
  • It is strictly forbidden to go in the water during the whole session. The park is by no means an official bathing area therefore bathing is forbidden. Proper bathing sites can be found only a few minutes away from the park.
  • A safe and responsible behaviour is required in all circumstances.
  • Leave any objects that may fall from your pockets behind. The management will not take responsibility for any object that falls or is lost on the rocks or in the river.

Management reserves the right to:

  • Remove from the park any person who does not respect the instructions or deems to be behaving dangerously for him/herself and others, or disrespectfully towards others, equipment and/or the environment (no refund will be given)
  • Make and implement any decision it considers justified

In case of an accident during the activity the reception needs to be informed within the 3 and a half hours of the session. Otherwise, any claim concerning a possible accident occurring in the park will not be admissible.


January 3, 2023 – St Michel de Chabrillanoux
The management, P.MOUNIER

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